Schoolcraft Manufacturing Company’s Parking Lot Receives Essential Pavement Maintenance

Maintaining an asphalt parking lot is crucial for its longevity and functionality. Recently, TM Asphalt Sealing undertook an asphalt project in Schoolcraft, where we sealcoated the parking lot of a local manufacturing company. 

This pavement maintenance job was a result of a previous project that we had done for the owner. Our team had previously paved the entire parking lot three years ago. The current project was a routine part of our comprehensive asphalt maintenance schedule. 

The primary concern for the manufacturing company was pavement degradation due to weather and wear. To tackle this, our asphalt contractors applied a fresh layer of sealcoat, providing a protective shield against elements and preventing further damage. Additionally, line striping was done to ensure organized traffic flow and maximize space utilization.

The finished product looked great and we received positive feedback from the client. “Great work. We appreciate how you worked with our schedule and the weather problems we had” This reaffirms TM Asphalt Sealing’s commitment to delivering outstanding paving solutions and maintaining strong client relationships.

In conclusion, the Schoolcraft manufacturing company’s parking lot received essential maintenance through sealcoating and line striping by TM Asphalt Sealing. This case exemplifies the significance of timely pavement upkeep for functional and long-lasting parking lots.

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