Asphalt Resurfacing

If your asphalt is worn or cracked, the thought of repairs can be scary. Do you fill cracks? Sealcoat the surface? Completely replace it? Get resurfacing services? You may have many questions, but your local paving company has the answers.

Michigan property owners have TM Asphalt Sealing for professional pavement repair services. We’ll happily help you find the most cost-effective and longest-lasting repairs for your situation.

Should You Seal, Resurface, or Replace Your Driveway or Parking Lot?

Whether on a parking lot or driveway, gray, cracked asphalt isn’t attractive, and broken pavement can cause accidents. Property owners’ primary question is what type of repair services will best meet their needs.


Asphalt sealcoating is recommended to restore a paved surface when it shows signs of wear and tear, such as fading, cracking, and small potholes. Sealcoating provides a protective layer that helps to seal small cracks and prevent water penetration, which can cause further damage. It also enhances the pavement’s appearance by restoring its color and creating a smooth surface. Sealcoating should be done every 3-5 years for optimal results.


Resurfacing services are typically recommended when the pavement has moderate to severe damage that cannot be fixed through sealcoating or patching. This includes large cracks, extensive potholes, and uneven surfaces. Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of damaged asphalt and replacing it with a new layer, which extends the life of the pavement by up to 15 years. This option is more cost effective than demolishing and paving the area again. In addition, it provides a smooth, new surface for improved safety and aesthetics.


Asphalt pavement typically lasts 20-30 years, but this can vary depending on climate, usage, and maintenance. When a paved surface is extensively damaged, has multiple potholes, and has reached the end of its lifespan, it is time to replace it. Signs that need a replacement include alligator cracking, deep and wide cracks, and large areas of uneven settling. In these cases, replacement is more cost-effective and long-term than continuing to repair the pavement.

TM Asphalt Sealing: We Know Pavement!

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our crew knows what paving services your parking lot or driveway needs. Our specialized milling and paving equipment can make your resurfacing project go quickly and efficiently, letting you get back to your life.

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