Driveway Repair

TM Asphalt Sealing protects and maintains the life of asphalt surfaces.

Your driveway has two critical roles on your property: functionality and aesthetics. Asphalt in a state of disrepair certainly doesn’t add to the overall look of your property. But on the other hand, a well-maintained driveway can increase your home’s curb appeal and provide a smooth surface for driving and walking. That’s where professional pavement repair services come in.

Is your Michigan driveway starting to wear down? TM Asphalt Sealing is the residential paving contractor to call!

When It’s Best to Repair Your Driveway or Simply Replace It

Before deciding on asphalt repair, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of patching, resurfacing, or completely replacing your driveway. Each of these services extends the lifespan of your residential pavement. Still, they have certain conditions in which they work best.

Here are some examples of things professional driveway repair services can help with.

  • Correcting Surface Damage

    A crack filler can correct damage to a pavement’s surface in the form of cracks or depressions. Some paving contractors also use infrared technology to melt damaged asphalt for seamless crack sealing.

  • Repairing Potholes

    Potholes aren’t just dangerous for your tires. When deterioration like this gets into the layers of asphalt pavement, it can weaken it. Then the damage to your driveway keeps spreading, becoming a more expensive problem over time.

  • Providing Proper Drainage

    Water is the enemy of asphalt, penetrating the layers and freezing to create cracks. That’s why proper grading and drainage are vital for the longevity of your pavement. Professional paving contractors have different repair methods, like milling and resurfacing, that can correct the slope of your pavement so water flows away from it.

    Some types of damage, however, take a complete pavement replacement to correct.

  • Pavement Structural Failure

    Complete asphalt replacement might be the only answer if your driveway or parking area has extensive damage, deep cracks, exposed aggregates, multiple potholes, or problems with the base layer.

TM Asphalt Sealing: Residential Pavement Repair Experts in Michigan

At TM Asphalt Sealing, we specialize in safeguarding and sustaining the longevity of asphalt surfaces. With our extensive knowledge, top-quality materials, advanced equipment, and years of experience, we guarantee that the pavement we’ve repaired will endure any harsh weather conditions or wear.

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