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For the best paving services in Mendon, MI, TM Asphalt Sealing is the most affordable and reliable pavement installation, repair, and maintenance contractor to call. Since 1985, we’ve provided Southwest Michigan with professional asphalt services such as commercial parking lot installation, residential driveway repairs, sealcoating, and more. We value each and every one of our customers, from long-term commercial partners to repeat residential customers, no matter the size of their project or their budget.

Trusted Asphalt Paving Contractors in Mendon MI


  • We value each and every one of our professional relationships, no matter if they are residential customers, new customers, or long-term commercial partners.
  • The size of a paving project is no barrier to our ability to deliver on our promises, as we can handle any size, from small business parking lots to large industrial complexes.
  • Our paving professionals manage every project with proactive communication and properly coordinated timelines so that they can complete jobs within budget.

Explore Historic Mendon MI

Nestled within the beautiful state of Michigan, Mendon Township is a civil township with a rich history and a population of 2,775, as recorded in the 2000 census. Its roots trace back to 1831, when the region was divided into townships, coinciding with the influx of determined settlers from the eastern states during the early 19th century. Mendon Township is a testament to the pioneering spirit and resilience of those who ventured westward, seeking new opportunities and a better life.

Today, the township preserves its heritage while embracing modernity, offering its residents a serene and welcoming environment. The area has a number of local interests, such as Yoder’s General Store for specialty and gift shop needs, the Sterlini Theater for watching old and new films alike. A couple of golf clubs are available for those who are into this leisurely sport, with numerous restaurants available for those who want to sample the finest Michigan cuisine.

Reviving a Failing Asphalt Driveway: A Mendon, MI Driveway Paving Project

Recently  homeowners in Mendon, MI reached out to us with a failed asphalt driveway. With visible cracks, crumbling edges, and persistent water problems, it was a surface in need of replacement.

So, how did they find us? Google. We pride ourselves on being accessible to Mendon residents seeking quality paving solutions.

Their driveway had many problems. Significant cracks and obvious pavement failure. Asphalt deterioration isn’t just about appearance; it also points to underlying structural issues. For this driveway, the surface wear indicated problems deep within the base layer, compromising functionality and safety.

Our solution? A tear out and replace approach. We began by removing the damaged driveway. A key step was redoing the base layer, ensuring a strong, lasting foundation. With that set, we moved to repave the driveway, giving it a fresh, solid, and durable surface.

The response from our clients? In their words: “Love it!” and “You guys were very easy to work with, and the driveway looks perfect.”

This project underscores the importance of addressing asphalt issues promptly and choosing experienced professionals for the task. A well-laid driveway not only enhances curb appeal but also ensures safety and longevity. Contact us today to discuss your Mendon, MI paving project!

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