Crack Filling

TM Asphalt Sealing protects and maintains the life of asphalt surfaces.

Pavement cracks aren’t just unsightly. They can lead to potholes or deterioration of your parking lot or driveway. That’s why you shouldn’t let minor damage like cracks go if you want your pavement to last as long as possible.Extend your pavement’s longevity for less money than repaving with crack filling services from Michigan’s most reputable paving contractor, TM Asphalt Sealing.

Our Advanced Crack Filling Solutions

Filling pavement cracks can easily extend your pavement’s longevity, preventing more damage. Our process also eliminates the potential for weeds, grasses, water, and ice buildup, which leads to problems like settling and potholes.

Deep Cleaning – Before the fissure can be sealed, it must be dry and free of dirt, debris, and loose aggregate. We use compressed air to accomplish this.

Routing – This method of repairing pavement cracks involves using a routing tool to cut away the edges of the break to make a channel in the asphalt surface. Widening a crack to fix it seems backward, but routing creates a channel that helps the hot rubberized asphalt filling compound adhere.

Overband Crack Sealing – Paving contractors fill the break with or without routing with this asphalt repair service. Then they apply a band of hot sealant over the top. This seals the asphalt surface for a water-tight repair.

For superior pavement crack sealing services in Michigan, TM Asphalt Sealing is the contractor to call.

Our expert team will identify and seal cracks in your pavement, preventing further damage and saving you money in the long run. Contact TM Asphalt Sealing today to schedule your crack-filling service and keep your pavement looking and functioning like new for years to come!

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