Asphalt Repair

TM Asphalt Sealing protects and maintains the life of asphalt surfaces.

Michigan property owners, are you dealing with damaged pavement? Whether you need driveway repair or parking lot repairs, TM Asphalt Sealing strives to build lasting relationships by providing outstanding paving services to Michigan’s residents and businesses.

How Professional Repair Services Prevent Expensive Replacement

Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining the integrity of asphalt surfaces and preventing the need for complete replacement. Cracks, potholes, and other types of damage can worsen if left unaddressed, leading to deterioration and pavement failure.

Correcting Surface Damage

Several asphalt repair services can correct surface damage, including:

  • Sealcoating: This serv Crack-filling ice applies a protective layer to the surface to prevent deterioration from UV rays, oxidation, and water penetration.
  • Crack filling: Crack sealing services fix fractures with rubberized filling compounds and sealants that allow flexibility while keeping moisture and debris out of the pavement.
  • Patching: Using specialized equipment, paving contractors cut away deteriorated areas and replace them with new asphalt before compacting the area to match the surrounding area.

Repair Solutions for More Serious Problems

When a parking lot or driveway has a large damaged area or multiple problems in different areas, paving contractors have more involved methods of correcting the underlying issue and restoring the surface layer to give the pavement a longer lifespan.

  • Overlay: This process involves laying a new asphalt layer over the existing surface. It’s often used to repair paved areas with many surface issues or increase the pavement’s structural capacity.
  • Milling: Milling machines essentially create a clean slate, grinding away a deteriorated top layer to apply a new surface layer. This process commonly repairs large cracks, potholes, or uneven surfaces.
  • Full-depth repair: This repair service involves removing and replacing the damaged pavement down to the base layer. It typically addresses structural issues, such as severe cracking or rutting.

By investing in timely asphalt repair services, property owners can extend the lifespan of their pavement and avoid the need for costly and time-consuming asphalt replacement.

TM Asphalt Sealing, Michigan’s Pavement Repair Contractor

At TM Asphalt Sealing, we aim to deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring high-quality workmanship and professionalism. Our skilled craftsmen handle projects of all sizes, from small business parking lots to large industrial complexes, with proactive communication and reasonable timelines and budgets.

Contact us immediately if you notice damage, and we’ll ensure your parking lot or driveway is back to full function in no time!

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